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There is a rare serenity floating in this castle, built on a rocky spur in the middle of the woods, far from the traffic lanes, listed "Site majeur d'Aquitaine" (major site). It was build by the baron Béranger de Roquefeuil who, from 1480 to 1520, turned this 13th century castle into a military architecture masterpiece where the medieval defense properties (a remarkable dungeon shaped like a ship's bow, courtyard, barbican...) are mixed with fire artillery. The castle is embellished in the 18th century by Marguerite de Fumel, but the revolution causes the upper-class symbols' partial destruction. The town purchased it in 1860. It is interesting especially for two paradoxes: it is an absolute model of fortified castle, is finished at a time where the first Renaissance buildings flourish at the Loire's banks ; impregnable fortress, it has never been attacked... Therefore, this medieval building is in a remarkable state of preservation.

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