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Show - Piheup, le garçon seul dans la ville

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The power of the imagination ... The man in front of us likes to tell stories. His name is Santepiheup. In his language, this first name means 'peace'.

For short, everyone calls him Piheup. He was 7 years old when the city was emptied of its inhabitants. He and his grandmother hid in a movie theater.

Before disappearing, the grandmother gave her grandson a treasure: a rock'n'roll record - like a remnant of the vanished world.

And Piheup found himself alone in the soulless city, he saw nature slowly devour the empty city. So, he made the light on the screen of the cinema. He invented imaginary companions.

A dive into the contemporary history of Cambodia and Khmer culture. We will not leave each other like this! Meeting with the artists after the performance.

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Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

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