Bonaguil, le dernier château médiéval

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This short thematic walk goes around the castle of Bonaguil through the traditional vegetation of the Haut-Agenais Périgord, oaks, chestnut trees, hornbeams, boxwoods, brooms, etc. Old iron ore quarries can be seen in the woods, reminding us of the region's iron and steel past. Seven thematic tables will help you discover the history of this area from 7000 years ago to the present day. The castle, "Major site of Aquitaine", exudes a rare serenity. It is built on a rocky spur in the middle of the forest, far from the main roads. It is the work of Baron Béranger de Roquefeuil who, from 1480 to 1520, transformed the initial 13th century castle into a masterpiece of military architecture, where medieval defensive attributes rub shoulders with fire artillery (remarkable dungeon in the shape of a ship's bow, curtains, barbican...).

Practical information

Duration 0h45 / Difficulty Very easy Distance 2 km

Landscapes Forest

Bonaguil, le dernier château médiéval