Frespech, un village occitan

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This tour takes you through the steep hills of the Pays de Serres, which surrounds this fortified village dedicated to Occitania. During the walk you can discover the Foie Gras Museum. It evokes through numerous illustrations the traces of the history of the force-feeding of geese and ducks since Antiquity: Egypt, Rome, through the Jews of Bohemia and the illustrious tables of the 19th century. Four scenographies explain the techniques of breeding, force-feeding, cooking and markets of the beginning of the century. This production is also the result of innovations that have marked the history of our food: the domestication of wild birds, the arrival of corn after the discovery of America... In Souleilles, tradition is alive and well, and many parallels are drawn with today's practices.

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Duration 3h / Difficulty Average Duration 2h / Difficulty Average Duration 1h30 / Difficulty Average Distance 11.6 km

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Frespech, un village occitan

47140 - FRESPECH