Parcours de pêche Passion, Le Lot à Lustrac-Trentels

WelcomeParcours de pêche Passion, Le Lot à Lustrac-Trentels

The 3.5 km long course has calm and current zones allowing to vary the techniques which is a real advantage to fish for white fish as well as for carnivorous fish. The site also has various attractions: boat launch, shore fishing, swimming, lock house, mill, castle, boat fishing, float-tube fishing... Everything is accessible! A pedestrian path along the Lot river gives an unobstructed view on the limestone cliffs of the site, which is as well adapted to the fishing leisure as to the river leisure, which will delight walkers and tourists in stroll!
There are also several fishing lodgings nearby that offer a personalized welcome to fishermen
Outside of the competition on the reach, the site welcomes the children of the fishing school based at the Maison de la Pêche et de la Nature de Penne d'Agenais (Site Nature du Lac Ferrié).


Ouvert selon les périodes d'ouverture de la pêche.


Tarifs des cartes de pêche de l'année à retrouver sur le site internet ou sur le guide/dépliant pêche annuel.

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Parcours de pêche Passion, Le Lot à Lustrac-Trentels

47140 - TRENTELS